Our Services

Housing help for Nurses and other Medical Professionals : 

• Access our online database of easily searchable properties 24/7
• Search by location, property type, no. of bedrooms, monthly rental
• Find descriptions and multiple pictures to allow you to evaluate the property for your needs 
• Communicate with the owner by email, phone or text to come to terms suitable for both parties

For the Property Owner wishing to serve these individauls:

An economical and effective resource to reach the this community of traveling professionals
Use the information in the CHBO Handbook to increase your understanding how to succeed
Access to additional tools including: credit card set-up, background/credit checks, special insurance, lease documents, professional photography 

Others we successfully serve:

Corporate Travelers – furnished short term rentals with more choices available and a more welcoming atmosphere than a commercial facility. 
Personal Travel - long family visits, relocations, extended vacations, medical reasons etc.
Insurance Claim Housing - during  insurance claim work, discover a local property your family will find more nearly like your home, to help make this period of dislocation more harmonious
Construction related– out of your home during construction, make it a little less unsettled with a local furnished home, with the amenities your family is accustomed to and located near your home.